Laser crystal inside carving machine Sub-2000

Laser crystal inside carving machine Sub-2000


    •  No damage to glass and crystal surface;

    •  Forming plane or three-dimensional lattice images inside the crystal;
    •  Magical effect under the irradiation of seven spectral colors;
    •  Never fades, huge collection and commemorative value;


    • Decoration, glass processing, studio;

    • Crystal and glass handicrafts, souvenirs;
    • Tourist attractions, hotels, galleries;
    • Mobile phone keys, sticker, ceramic glaze;
    • Glass bottles, winebottle anti-counterfeiting;
    • Lenses, optical processing;

Model Number Sub-2000
Max crystal size 150×250×100 mm
Carving range 100×100 mm
Max carving speed 2000 points/s
Point size 100μm
Laser type End-pumped DPSS laser
Cooling way Air cooled
Laser wavelength 532nm
Laser rate 2KHz
Machine dimensions 780×500×600 mm
Machine weight 100kg
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Overall power consumption 2kW
Marking Sample
  • 激光内雕机
  • 激光内雕机
  • 激光内雕机
  • 激光内雕机
  • 激光内雕机
  • 激光内雕机